Are you in touch with your best Self?

    Do you want to be more Aware and Mindful?

    Do you dream about a life where you are more at ease, able to accept what life brings you and more capable of living fully? Do you hope to be free from your symptoms or at least more confident in your ability to manage the waves of challenges you face day to day, year to year?


    Can you even imagine what that life might look like? Many of us are weighed down by so many burdens; physical health conditions, family stress, feelings of unhappiness, boredom, loneliness and numerous other symptoms of (dis) ease that the idea of living fully, working towards ones dreams (if we even are trusting ourselves enough to have a dream...) is not even in our thoughts.


    My desire is to help YOU begin to be able to realize that it is possible...





  • About Me

    Psychotherapist, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, Nutritionist


    My primary goal as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/ Psychotherapist is to assist individuals to manage the challenges of life. I work with my clients to bring mindfulness to ones day to day experiences; Relating with others (loved ones as well as strangers), and general mindfulness of thoughts & emotions. Practicing mindfulness is a useful tool to begin changing unhelpful patterns and habits.


    In addition to my work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have also worked for over 20 years as a Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian ,working with individuals in different settings including Outpatient Diabetes Health Centers, Outpatient Mental Health Clinics, and Drug Alcohol Treatment. Along with working with individuals suffering form general life challenges, I specialize in helping individuals manage the emotional challenges one often faces living with chronic health issues.


    Prior to working as a Mental health Counselor, I received my Masters in Nutrition through Bastyr University, an Alternative Medicine University in Seattle, WA, where I trained in Alternative/ Holistic Nutrition. I can work with individuals who may have food allergies and or food sensitivities. Many of our health issues can be related to our diet. If you experience physical health symptoms such as fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog, irritable bowel, chronic congestion, poor sleep or any of the other numerous physical complaints that you cant seem to resolve through the one might find freedom from one's depression and or anxiety symptoms as we work in an integrative model.


    In addition I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, which adds to my ability to work with individuals in a holistic manner. The modalities I work with are unique to each individual, as I believe that each person holds strengths that need to be unlocked and built upon. In line with my passion for working in a holistic way with individuals, I teach meditation. I completed a year of Nalanda Institute's Certificate in Buddhist Contemplative Psychology with a focus on Compassion. I completed the Interdependence Project's Meditation Teacher Training in 2018 as well as a 9 month Certificate in Mindfulness & Psychotherapy from the Institute for Mindfulness & Psychotherapy (also 2018). I am currently (2019-2020) training in Devon, UK with the MIndfulness Training Institute to become a Certified Meditation Teacher, under the auspices of Mark Coleman & Martin Aylward.

  • About Rooney

    Rooney is my therapy dog. He assists me with some clients (you will be informed if he will be present and will always have the option not to have him present) He is a hypoallergenic Aussie-doodle (Australian Shepherd/ Poodle mix). He is a certified therapy dog through Pet Partners and is an AKC K9 Good Citizen. As you can see he is interested in what you have to say! He is a compassionate and empathetic spirit and always tries to make your experience in therapy (which is hard work) a little lighter...

  • What I offer

    Mental Health Counseling

    I emphasize MINDFULNESS as a core tool that enables the individual to become more connected to themselves in order to access their inner guidance. So much of our struggles with suffering stem from our disconnection with ourselves.

    If you practice meditation and or have ever tried to integrate meditation as a tool in your life, I also support individuals to cultivate this powerful yet simple tool. More than just mindfulness, meditation offers a new way of operating in this world, one that I believe provides for openings; openings that allow for more space and freedom, and ease.

    Along with mindfulness, I gently guide individuals toward the development of SELF COMPASSION.


    I am trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) a model developed to assist the individual to become more connected with the different parts of themselves. Like mindfulness, IFS is a powerful tool that can increase ease and ultimately allow for more space for living fully in one's life.


    I am trained in Somatic Experiencing (SE), a healing modality that focuses on healing through connection to oneself using the wisdom of the body. Both IFS & SE are my primary modes of helping individuals connect inside and bring self compassion to their vulnerable parts.


    I also work frequently with traditional models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as our thoughts are often the basis for our pain and suffering. Two other models that I employ that are similar to CBT are Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). They are both similar to CBT in that they have a main focus on one's thoughts, but they also use mindfulness (in somewhat different ways) which I believe add to their success in the healing process.


    Narrative Therapy is one alternative approach to change I use to enable individuals to rewrite their stories, and find their voice that will enable them to move forward towards their healthiest state of being. The narrative approach is powerful in that it targets ones' life challenges by first identifying the stories that are holding one back. Then together we work on changing (rewriting) the story to better serve one's ultimate goal of a full and abundant life.


    Overall I tend to integrate many different styles of therapy and choose to listen to the individual (consciously and unconsciously) to determine the approach that might work best. I believe the more tools and therapeutic approaches I am trained in, the stronger my ability to provide whole health and wellness for the individuals I work with





  • Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

    In 2017 I completed the Mindfulness Meditation Training through the Interdependence Project in NYC, as well as completing the Institute for Mindfulness & Psychotherapy certificate program.

    In 2016 I studied with the Nalanda Institute Contemplative Psychotherapy Program; integrating Mindfulness & Compassion through a Buddhist lens.

    In 2018, I completed teacher training for Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) through the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.

    I am currently (2019-2020) training in Devon, UK with the MIndfulness Training Institute to become a Certified Meditation Teacher, under the auspices of Mark Coleman & Martin Aylward.

    I offer Introduction to Mindfulness as well as Mindful Self-Compassion classes.


    Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an empirically-supported, 8-week, training program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. Based on the groundbreaking research of Kristin Neff and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer, MSC teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding.

    For more information regarding MSC in general see


    2020 Summer Mindfulness Classes

    KINDNESS in DIFFICULT TIMES; Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion

    Beginning in July 2020: (July 15th-August 19th; 7-815pm ET);

    ZOOM Online Platform


    Link to Brochure

    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/d7ac7ed0-4f08-496e-8fea-350812c2af27/MSC 6wk SC-MSC Brochure.pdf?id=239848


    Kindness in Difficult Times (The Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion- SC-MSC) is a 6 week class to build resources to be with yourself with kindness and care when you need it most; when life stirs up those familiar feelings of inadequacy and suffering.

    In this shortened version of the full 8-week class (that has been offered globally since 2010), learn MSC’s key practices while connecting with others during this heightened time of uncertainty.


    *Please contact Heather / Julie prior to beginning Registration process.


    Link to MSC Pre-Registration Questionnaire



  • How I work

    I offer Mental Health Counseling with the goal of achieving health for the whole person, which involves an integration of all of the above tools and methodology.


    I offer both individual and group counseling. In individual sessions, together we collaborate and work towards goals that you create. I believe the best approach is one where you set the tone. If your goal is relief from mental health symptoms such as depression and or anxiety, we might work in a less structured format. It will always depend on your needs and how you work best.


    As stated above, every individual is unique, has unique needs and challenges and I aspire to support you in creating a life of whole health wellness.


    I also offer groups (depending on desire and interest) focused on mindfulness and self-compassion, depression, self esteem, relationships, stress reduction and chronic pain.


  • Locations

    I have an office in Brooklyn (Grand Army Plaza).

    Please contact me and we can determine what is most convenient and available for both of us.

  • FEES

    Please contact me me to discuss fees, as they vary depending on individual, couples, or group treatment.
    I offer reduced fees for a select number of patients with financial need.


    I currently accept Aetna & CIGNA.


    If I dont accept your insurance I can bill as an out-of-network therapist. This means that if you have an out-of-network option, I can submit a superbill to help you receive your out of network benefits and reimbursement as dictated by the plan.

    If you choose to use your insurance - and many people do not - please check your coverage carefully. Call your insurance company with the following questions: I am also able and willing to help you navigate the insurance questions as needed.


    • Do I have mental health benefits? If so, do I have an out-of-network option? You’ll need an out-of-network option in order to get reimbursement for psychotherapy with me.
    • What is my deductible and has it been met?
    • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
    • How much do you pay for an out-of-net provider?
    • Is there a limitation on how much you will pay per session?



    Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Chasepay, HSA/ FSA and Checks/ Cash in case by case scenario.

  • Contact me


    (Email is preferred...)

    Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY, 11238
    Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY, 11226
    By appointment
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